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Technology isn’t perfect! However, regular monitoring and maintenance help it run as smoothly as possible. This can be true when it comes to managing your server. There are many who are still in search of the optimal server solution for their website’s better page experience. To make your life easier, we’ve come up with a few clear pointers that prove the LiteSpeed server is an ideal web server solution you should rely on.

What is the purpose of the LiteSpeed Web Server?

The LiteSpeed server is a leading high-scalability, high-performance server from LiteSpeed Technologies that can be utilized as an alternative to an existing Apache server. The best thing here is that there is no need to change any other operating details or programs while replacing the server. A LiteSpeed server can become the ultimate solution to all your server problems and make your website perform flawlessly. This cost-effective solution offers Apache compatibility, top-notch security, and a massive boost in website performance through its unique event-driven architecture. 

The LiteSpeed web server is available in two editions:

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise is effective for hosting multiple websites or in a shared hosting environment. It detects changes to the.htaccess file and automatically updates the settings without restarting the server.
  • OpenLiteSpeed is an open-source version of LiteSpeed Enterprise that includes all of its core features. It must be restarted whenever a new .htaccess file is loaded. As a result, this web server is typically used for individual websites.
Page Experience

Having that said, here are a few more reasons to consider the LiteSpeed server to witness positive signs in your page experience. 

1.     Improve the Page Experience

LiteSpeed is perfect for websites that serve thousands of visitors every second. If your website is considered busy and experiencing a drop in speed insights, it’s time to switch to the LiteSpeed server. The great thing here is that this service is operated with minimal hardware resources like CPU and memory. 

Due to its custom PHP LSAPI, it improves PHP performance. We can say this because this web server serves static content faster than any other choice. If you are finding it challenging to improve your page speed, go through our guide on how to fix page experience issues in LiteSpeed supported sites. 

2.     The Best Alternative to Apache

If you are still using Apache and are facing problems with the speed of your website, it’s about time you considered using the C instead. LiteSpeed is, fortunately, compatible with all the leading hosting solutions. Therefore, it can be regarded as the best alternative. This also means that anything that works under Apache will surely process under the LiteSpeed server.

Litespeed web server

You can make the switch within a few months. No changes are required in the httpd.conf or .htaccess files. In addition, if you are using WHM/cPanel, you’ll also find a free plugin that can be used to administer LiteSpeed from a graphic interface.

3. Reduction of Hardware Expenses

The licensing fees for LiteSpeed server are $30 to $40 a month, but that doesn’t compare to the thousands of dollars you spend on hardware to make your site run faster.

In addition, thanks to the 24/7 technical support offered by LiteSpeed, you can get immediate assistance when facing issues. This will reduce your system’s administration costs.

4.    It’s Easy to Pick Up

The LiteSpeed server uses the common Apache format and has a control panel that is very easy to utilize. Considering the appearance, the interface is also easy to understand and navigate. All functions can be easily remembered faster than when you were using Apache.

5.     Enhanced Security

A LiteSpeed server not only improves the performance of your website but also adds a layer of security against cyber threats.

Enhanced Security

To start with, you can still use the mod_security module to avoid most of the cyber threats. LiteSpeed supports this mod without any extra setup required. 

In addition, the LiteSpeed server can save you from DDoS or DoS attacks with its own security features. In Q4 of 2021, ransom DDoS attacks jumped by 75%. It has built-in anti-DDoS options such as connection throttling and bandwidth. On top of that, LiteSpeed developers are pretty quick at taking care of DoS attacks. They usually provide fixes within a couple of hours.

6.     Greater Profits and Better SEO Results

By now, we are all familiar with the fact that a good speed insight score plays a significant role in impressing search engines. Also, in order to achieve client satisfaction, you need to have a fast website. 

Google considers many ranking factors. Though their executives don’t disclose exactly how they rank a keyword, the speed of a website is something they have publicly stated as important. Once you start generating more traffic due to SEO, you’ll eventually get more leads than ever. 

That said, LiteSpeed seems to be a reliable option for websites that want to improve their page experience and eventually grow their business.

Why does CloudPages Recommend LiteSpeed Server?

If you think we are recommending LiteSpeed just for the sake of it, – Not True!

We have had an amazing experience using the LiteSpeed web server. It’s an amazing modern solution for all websites facing server problems or being under the pressure of cyber threats. Pre-installed with Cloudpages is the LSCache plugin for WordPress. This shows that we believe in LiteSpeed, so we put it in.

LSCache is considered one of the best server-level cache plugins used to enhance the performance of WordPress websites and provide a better experience for users. In addition, it is also an intelligent tag-based caching plugin you can rely on.

Furthermore, the CloudPages portal supports LiteSpeed server settings, making website management easier for users and, ultimately,

  • 2X faster access to the first byte
  • 9X more traffic capacity
  • Three times faster read/write speeds
  • CPU performance is 40% faster

The Verdict!

All businesses and websites have different goals. Some are thirsty for traffic, while others simply need quality leads that can be converted. Whatever industry you belong to, a quality website and a page experience that deserves a thumbs up should be what your team is supposed to work on. The LiteSpeed server is an ideal choice when it comes to improving the page experience for your users. With all the benefits mentioned above, you can understand how this webserver will impact speed insights and eventually make your website perform better. 

Are you still using Apache? Well, it’s time you put in the effort to switch to the LiteSpeed web server. Once you do, kindly share your feedback in the comments section below.


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