Fast, Secure, Simple
control panel for cloud servers

Our service is built upon these foundations.

WordPress Manager

Our WordPress Manager streamlines website control, ensuring efficiency and ease. Unleash full potential of your WordPress.

Free Migration

Our expert team ensures a smooth move with zero downtime and data integrity. Make the switch effortlessly and focus on your business.

Git Manager

Streamline version control, collaboration, and code deployment seamlessly. Unlock the power of Git with our intuitive Git Manager.

Super Fast

Elevate your online presence with our super-fast solutions for a seamless and responsive user experience.

Multiple PHPs

Optimize your projects with the freedom to select and adapt PHP versions seamlessly & with flexibility and compatibility


Trust Bubblewrap to safeguard your digital assets while optimizing performance across the board.

WordPress Manager

A complete WordPress Manager with one-click Staging, Auto-login and more..


You can deploy WordPress sites (sub-folders are also supported) with LSCache in 1-3 minutes.

Auto Login

Can’t remember your admin dashboard login? With the CloudPages auto-login feature you’ll be logged in with one-click.


Easily create staging sites and deploy to production. Staging sites are also full-fledged WordPress sites.

Simple and Developer Friendly

Team Management

Team management allows you to share access with your colleagues. Allow individual developers to work on your projects with ease.


Extremely professional support that care about your issues. We take pride in our support because its our # 1 priority.

Easy Server Management

CloudPages has made server management super easy. You can deploy a WordPress application in minutes.

Why Cloud Pages?

CloudPages offers many features to make your life as developer as easy
as possible to set up sites and servers.

Fast Deployment

Quickly provision servers with minimal footprint in minutes.


Bubblewrap will help to isolates multiple sites on your cloud server.

One-click SSL

Get ZeroSSL certificates for free with single-click. You can also deploy your own custom SSL.

Team Management

Collaborate with your team by giving them access to your deployments.

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