A Side-By-Side Comparison Of Articlerewriter.net and Articlerewritertool.com

Comparison Of Articlerewriter.net And Articlerewritertool.com

Rewriting is the act of rephrasing or rewording a piece of text to convey the same meaning as the original but using different words and sentence structures. Context can be important too but sometimes you’ll be required to produce a “loose paraphrase”. This depends on your field.

Why or rather when should we rewrite is another query that springs to mind immediately. There are a multitude of reasons like understanding core concepts, avoiding plagiarism, enhancing clarity, improving readability, summarizing, and such.

There are a total of two ways that you can go about it. Either you consume raw brain power and precious time trying to rewrite on your own by “manual paraphrasing” or rewrite with the help of online rewriter tools.

If you want a shot at a decent life and like enjoying life then we suggest getting used to rewriting tools. The other way is just too exhausting. The mental taxation is not worth it.

For your convenience today, we have proposed two state-of-the-art online rewriting tools that we’ll be comparing side-by-side to determine which tool deserves your full attention and services.

On one hand, you have Articlerewriter.net and on the other, you have Articlerewritertool.com.Even a slight glance at these two tools will indicate that these two will produce different results by using different ways. This is going to be a fun comparison.

Background of Rewriting and Its Tools

It’s important to note that rewriting has been around for a while, like since ancient times. How do you reckon folk tales were passed around in that time? How do you figure knowledge was passed around when writing and storing knowledge wasn’t a thing?

Historical translation of texts requires paraphrasing as an essential process to capture the nuance and real meaning behind texts. Certain meanings and contexts get lost when doing a word-for-word translation.

Rewriting ensured that important texts weren’t lost in translation. It’s a practice that’s still alive to this day and rightfully so. Rewriting captures the true essence of a language when translating by using suitable words.

Greek and Roman philosophers and renowned scholars used rewriting to create summaries and commentaries on works of literature, philosophy, and science. The rewritten work helped students grasp complex ideas and concepts firmly.

On the legal side, legal documents were created using rewriting to ensure clear-cut accurate communication. The consequences of ambiguity can result in, well, legal actions against the person typing them which can result in fines, penalties, and potentially jail time. Lawyers need to get on top of this matter by rewriting documents with pristine precision.

Funnily enough, rewriting was also used as a means of censorship. Not much different than what happens today when studios want censorship for certain parts of their audience. They used to replace sensitive content with rewritten one to avoid unneeded controversies.

This is the part where we apologize. If you were looking for an in-depth history lesson on how the first rewriting tool came into being then no we’re sorry for letting you down. There is simply not enough evidence on the internet to properly document the origins of rewriting tools.

The most definitive stuff we could gather was that rewriting tools used to be pretty basic like white girls buying Starbucks. They could only replace words with their synonyms, which is considered the most basic form of rewriting.

Gradually (these days), the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have led to the creation of some of the most robust rewording tools ever. You’ll get to see two of those tools today.

Our first contender on this list is a rewriting tool (shocker). No, the reason why we’re branding this a rephrasing tool is that it offers other services besides rewriting all of which are equally good. It can be hard to determine what the tool’s main tool is.

It’s a supremely simple-to-use rewriter that even kids can get the hang of (great for K-12 education). Its standout features include AI rewriting although it’s locked behind paid modes and its fast outcomes.

The input process is quite simple as previously stated. All you need to do is paste your text or upload a text file for the tool to do it for you. Choose your mode and press or tap “Rewrite Article” for a quick and efficient response.

Articlerewritertool.com Overview

Immediately you’ll be blown away by this tool’s presentation. The design choice is top-notch. Kudos to the UI designer. This is another rewriting tool but with major differences from the first one.

It has a total of two modes that aren’t dissimilar enough from one another. We would prefer it if these modes were combined until we clicked “advanced rewrite” to find out that this tool was bought out by QuillBot.

The “basic rewrite” function is where most of your focus should be. This is where you’ll be getting most of your work done as the other option just redirects to a different tool (more on it in a bit). Its standout features include “deep spinning” and content creation of old articles complemented with “ignore words” and “include capitalized words” options.

The way it works is a step down from Article Rewriter as it doesn’t allow you to upload text files only paste texts. The response time for the results is moderate but the results are great, nonetheless.

Comparison Of Key Features

By looking side-by-side at the features these two tools are offering, we can paint a clearer picture of the key differences between these tools. Will make it easier to influence your decision of which rewriting tool to go with in the end.

Key FeaturesArticle RewriterArticle Rewriter Tool
RewritingBasic but paid modes offer in-depth rewritesFunctions the same with a few “spinning” trinkets up its sleeves
User InterfaceModest but extremely clear about everything and simple to navigateWell-made. A tad bit overwhelming but easy on the eyes
Ease Of UseAbout as easy to use as it getsA bit confusing to use at the start. Gets easier the more you use it
CompatibilitySupports file formats like doc, pdf, and moreDoes not have file uploading feature
AvailabilityThis tool is available on various platforms like Play Store, App Store, App Gallery, Windows, and as a Google Chrome extensionThis tool has a Google Chrome extension

This comparison is already positioning a frontrunner. That’s not to say that either tool is without its faults, but one is looking better than the other. Both tools have great potential to succeed massively.

The quality of the rewritten content is another major difference between these two tools when compared side-by-side. ArticleRewriter tends to offer a more readable output as opposed to the ArticleRewritertool which is focused on offering accurate outcomes.

That’s not to say both tools can’t possess both qualities at the same time, but they have their preferences.

We would offer a side-by-side comparison of the unique features these tools offer but it would be a wasted exercise. Why? One tool’s unique features are that it opens up to a different rewriting tool which has its own sets of unique features.

That tool isn’t even in this comparison so to list it would be pointless, but we’ll cover some of its bases later for fairness’s sake.

User Experience

The user experience of both these tools has been great so far. We haven’t experienced any nagging issues. We can only nitpick at best but overall the experience is great. ArticleRewriter.net can be minimalist at times, but it gets the job done quickly.

ArticleRewriterTool, on the other hand, takes its sweet time but comes up with results that very occasionally disappoints. There aren’t any testimonials or reviews for both tools besides the blog articles that pile on both tools unfairly just to promote their products.

From our user experience including our Head of Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, H.R Manager, two team leads and myself included, both tools offered unique experiences. The registration and sign-up/ process is fairly smooth for ArticleRewriter.

It’s the Article rewriter tool that requires a bunch of hoops for you to jump in before accessing its paid modes in QuillBot. Unintuitive design choice. One area where has ArticleRewriter completely beat is the user interface or UI. It’s one of the best we’ve seen for reasons we touched on above. To recap, it’s like an artist designed the UI.

The speed of the outputs is where ArticleRewriter edges the ArticleRewriter Tool. It’s fast and unapologetic. The other tool takes time to come to its conclusion. The efficiency of results provided by both tools is where this comparison is tied. Different strokes for different folks.

Pricing And Subscription Plans

Surprised that ArticleRewriter doesn’t have a yearly subscription plan when most other rewriting tools have one. We’re interested in the thought process behind that one. Anyhow, below are the subscription plans for ArticleRewriter:

For $5 weekly, ArticleRewriter offers 2500 queries. Queries weren’t a problem in the free version but here you get an exact limit. The validity period is obvious, but we’re divided on the word count limit. We feel that at least 2000 words would’ve sufficed.

The monthly article rewriter subscription understood the assignment and offers 10k queries and a 3000-word count. It’s the all-in-tool weekly and monthly subscriptions that we feel offer the best value for your hard-earned bucks.

With only $8 and $23 subscriptions for weekly and monthly respectively, you will never need to worry about plagiarism, grammar, or summarization. The all-in-one features will provide plenty of word count to work with along with zero ads, zero captcha, 24/7 support, and a 2x faster experience. You can expect even quicker outputs with all paid modes.

The article rewriter tool has a different approach to paid modes that we’re not a fan of. Firstly, it’s not even transparent about its paid services, insisting on providing everything for free. Brain users will understand that nothing in life is free except the diseases you catch.

Yet to use its “advanced rewrite” feature, you’re redirected to QuillBot which does require premium plans for its advanced features. This is nonsense that we’re hoping gets addressed. We would be lying though we didn’t appreciate the varied features you get for accessing the premium plans regardless of their irrelevancy here.

For pricing and subscription, there is quite literally no comparison between the tools as one is fully transparent about it while the other opens a different tool. There would be a comparison if the other tools were being compared here.

Pros And Cons

This part has been set up very nicely. You can probably gauge a few pros and cons by yourself given the mountain of evidence we’ve provided. Assuming that you haven’t made a list or your mind, here’s our list for ArticleRewriter:


  • Quite easy-to-use
  • Modest design that allows for clear navigation
  • Fast outputs with a clear focus on readability
  • Compatible with a lot of text files
  • Available on most platforms


  • Pricing is not generous
  • Outputs could use improvement on the accuracy side
  • The design philosophy is not modern

Impressive. Now here’s the Article rewriter tool:


  • Sleek design
  • Great outputs focused on accuracy and precision
  • Great UI


  • Is misleading about free and paid versions
  • Doesn’t include file upload option
  • Isn’t available on mobile devices


Both tools showed their immense potential during our independent tests. It was a toss-up between us to decide which tool should get your utmost attention and services. It was becoming very hard for us to decide until we figured it out.

We didn’t even factor in the additional features of ArticleRewriter that blow this side-by-side comparison out of the water. Even if were to include the other tool’s features which would be unfair as it becomes 2v1, ArticleRewriter outmatches ArticleRewriter in terms of scope and ambitions.

The additional features of ArticleRewriterwork are just as well if not better than the article rewriter tool feature while the Article rewriter tool has nothing to show for it. Another key area where ArticleRewriter has ArticleRewriter Tool definitively beat is the use of AI.

Article writers have an AI mode that uses advanced algorithms to achieve human-level rewriting. There is no mention of AI anywhere in the Article rewriter tool. You can see it for yourself and make up your mind about which tool is perfectly suited for you given all the facts we’ve presented.

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