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Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as your own. As a content creator, it’s essential for you to ensure that all your work is completely original and does not contain any trace of duplicated data. Plagiarism is a serious offense, and it can lead to severe consequences. For this reason, it’s essential for you to conduct a plagiarism test on your work and identify the traces of plagiarism.

This is where you need to get your hands on a reliable plagiarism detector. Among the plethora of options, the plagiarism detection service offered by SmallSEOTools.com stands out as a top-notch solution. If you are wondering why, then go through this review till the end as we discuss everything you need to know about this web-based plagiarism checker.

SmallSEOTools.com – Best Tool for Detecting Plagiarized Content

Whether you realize it or not, plagiarism can badly affect your work. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one who produces the information or the one who copies it. Plagiarism Checker is the best tool for fighting plagiarism easily. This user-friendly tool helps you detect copied information effortlessly.

With SmallSEOTools’ free plagiarism checker, you can scan your documents or articles to ensure they’re unique. It uses smart algorithms to compare your text with information published by other sources, giving you accurate results within a few seconds.

How Can You Detect Plagiarism with Smallseotools.com?

For utilizing SmallSEOTools.com to recognize plagiarism, you need to:

  • Access SmallSEOTools.com and select “Plagiarism Checker” under Text Analysis Tools.
  • Copy the text you want to check and paste it into the tool’s box. You can also upload a document file.
  • Click the button “Check Plagiarism.”
  • When it’s done, you’ll see the results. It’ll show you how much of your information is duplicated.
  • The tool will highlight parts of your text that match other sources. It might even give you links to those sources.

Features of SmallSeoTools’ Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism detector offers various features that can be highly helpful for you every single time you aim to detect plagiarism in your work:

Database Comparison

The duplicate checker acts like a detective for your writing! It quickly compares your work to tons of web pages. When you upload your writing, it checks it against all kinds of websites, blogs, academic papers, and more to ensure accurate detection. This tool is the best option for anyone who wants to be sure their work is truly theirs and hasn’t been copied from somewhere else.

Plagiarism Scan Report

Everyone wants to know where their text matches when it comes to spotting plagiarism. SmallSEOTools’ free plagiarism checker identifies plagiarized sections in your text and gives you a list of sources your text matches. You can easily download the plagiarism scan report for free if you need to keep track of these matching sources as evidence.

Easy Comparison with One-Click

With this free plagiarism detector, comparing your content is as simple as clicking a button! Once you upload your text, the tool quickly scans the web for similar matches. It’s super-fast and saves you loads of time. It shows you where your text matches online sources, so you know exactly what’s happening. This easy-to-use feature makes it effortless to recognize duplication!

Percentage-Based Analysis

This plagiarism check tool provides a percentage score to help you understand the level of similarity between your content. Whether your content has a minor resemblance or a significant overlap, the percentage score helps you know where you stand. And if there are any issues, it’s your trustworthy guide to fix your content and make it original.

Detailed Results

Plagiarism checker goes beyond just percentages. It breaks down your content piece into sentences and presents them in a list format. Each sentence is color-coded for easy identification: plagiarized sentences are highlighted in red, while unique ones are highlighted in green. This clear presentation allows you to quickly spot any duplicated sections and ensure the uniqueness of your work.

Free and Convenient

The plagiarism detector is free and requires no registration, making it incredibly convenient for all your plagiarism detection needs. You can access it anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of signing up or providing personal information. With prompt results delivered instantly, you can quickly assess your work’s uniqueness and take action if needed. It is the perfect way to maintain the integrity of your information without any cost or complications.

Premium Plans

Apart from this plagiarism-freeware module, some premium plans can help you unlock advanced features. If you choose to pay for its subscription, you’ll also be able to get an extended word limit per check, as there is a limit of 1000 words. A wide range of premium plans are offered by this platform, which include:

  • Weekly – $4.99 – $6.99
  • Basic – $9.80 – $29.80
  • Classic – $39.80 – $59.80
  • Enterprise – $79.80 – $149.80
  • Institute – $249.80 – $599.80


Things can get really difficult for you if your plagiarism detection tool is not efficient enough to deliver accurate results. For this reason, you require a trustworthy or reliable utility. One such tool is offered by SmallSEOTools.com. We have discussed some of its highly appreciated features above to help you understand why it is reliable to determine duplication in the content.

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