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1 – Create Website

CloudPages made the creation of a website/webapplication so easy.

1. Create Website

To create a website click on Create Website button on your server dashboard sidebar, shown in the image below.

2. Provide Required Detilas

Provide the required data needed to create a website.

Web Application Name (Any friendlier name that you can remember)

Domain Name (Your website domain name like: xyz.com)

Web Application Owner: Select any owner as your choice.

Public Path (This will be a path on file system where your website files will be placed.)

PHP Version (Select PHP version which is compatible with your website)

After providing all these details press the Create Web App button and start the process.

3. Creation Process

After clicking the button it will take some time for creation and you will be redirected to your website main dashboard.

After some time you can see the process is finished.

Once your website is created you will be redirected to website dashboard where you can control various aspects of your web application.

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