How To Overcome WordPress Forms Not Sending Email?

The WordPress Forms plugin does not send an email notification when a form is submitted?

Sometimes, WPForms notifications are classified as spam and don’t reach your inbox. It may be caused by any “Contact Form Plugin” in WordPress. WordPress does not add confirmation to messages. Therefore, when your email provider receives a message from WordPress, it appears as spam.

In this article, we’ll let you know the most ideal way to fix your WPForms messages so you never miss another form notice.

Why is WordPress Forms Not Sending Email?

WordPress Forms not sending email in light of the fact that the messages are being isolated as spam. This can be an issue with any contact form plugin in WordPress.

The WP Mail SMTP plugin makes it simple to fix this. It sends each of your emails through an external email provider so your messages will be appropriately confirmed.

With the WP Mail SMTP plugin, you can easily fix WordPress Forms not sending email. WP Mail SMTP assumes control over the default method for sending email, and adds the right verification.

Install WP Mail SMTP on your WordPress site:

WP Mail SMTP is not difficult to install in your WordPress site and has a wizard to help you setup your preferred mailer.


Click on Plugins from the left hand-side menu and select “Add New”

Search for WP Mail SMTP

Install and activate

Go to WP Mail SMTP tab that has now appeared in the left hand side menu and click on settings

Either enter the required information on this page or scroll down to “Mail” and click on “Launch Setup Wizard” to launch the wizard to help setup your chosen mailer. We’ve also created a dedicated tutorial on how to configure WP Mail SMTP using Amazon SES.

Your WP Mail SMTP is installed and is ready to use.

wordpress forms not sending emails

Fix the error of WordPress Forms not sending email to the right address:

Each form in WPForms has its own notification settings. In the event that WPForms messages are not received in your inbox, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right settings on the notifications for that form.

The following steps will fix the issue of both WPForms Pro and WPForms Lite not sending email.

Open the form your having trouble with

Click on settings

Click on notifications

Your default notification will look like this

In the event that these WP form notices are not working, the following are a couple things to browse in your email notification settings

  • The “Send To” is usually set to {admin_email} which is basically the email of your WordPress admin. And most of the times you don’t need notifications to be sent there, you can erase the {admin_email} smart tag and type in another email address
  • You can also have more then 1 email in “Send To” box, just add more emails and separate them using comma.

Remember: It is important to use a “From Email” that is authenticated in WP Mail SMTP (Mailgun or Amazon SES) as not to generate another error.

At the point when you have the essentials from notifications setup, Click “Save” at the top of the from builder.

Fix errors in WP Forms:

If you are not receiving WPForms notifications, it would be wise to test the form to ensure that everything works as it should. Conflicts between plugins and themes can prevent forms from being submitted.

WP Forms has recognized issue with Java Script:

Caching plugins that attempt to minify Java Script in WordPress usually cause this issue. Despite being useful for certain parts of your site, minification can break your forms, which means your visitors won’t be able to submit them.

If you want to use Java Script minification, make sure to exclude these 2 files fro minification process:

WPForms Lite: /wp-content/plugins/wpforms-lite/assets/js/wpforms.min.js
WPForms Pro: /wp-content/plugins/wpforms/assets/js/wpforms.min.js

REMEMBER: Don not forget to clear the cache before you try your forms again

Form token is invalid:

This is error message additionally implies Java Script isn’t chipping away at your form. At the point when Java Script doesn’t work, the anti-spam token doesn’t work so the form can not be submitted.

To fix this, follow the steps that are mentioned above to exclude WP Forms Java Script in your caching plugin.

This field in required:

WP Forms has the best anti-spam features in any contact form plugin. You can pick between anti-spam form for each form. For instance, you can add hCaptcha to your WordPress forms without any problem.

Infrequently, these CAPTCHA, creates a error message like ‘This field is required’, despite the fact that they’ve been filled.

In case your clients cannot submit the form because they see this error, it may be because hCaptcha or reCAPTCHA are loading twice. Usually, this is caused by a conflict with your theme or another plugin.

To remove this error all you have to do is to disable the plugin that’s loading reCAPTCHA or hCaptcha outside of WPForms.

If you can’t find the cause, you can also force the CAPTCHA to only load only one time.

To do that, click main WPForms -> Settings 

Next, click the CAPTCHA tab at the top to open your CAPTCHA settings

Click the No-Conflict Mode checkbox to prevent any other reCAPTCHA code from loading on your page.


Now and then, WPForms notifications are delegated as spam, so they never come to your inbox. Any “Contact Form Plugin” in WordPress might cause this issue. Obviously, WordPress doesn’t add authentications to emails. Thusly, when your external email provider gets a message from WordPress, it appears as though its a spam. WP Mail SMTP is there to over come these issues and help your messages be delivered to the right inboxes.

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