Webinar: WordPress Server Manager with AWS

We were invited by Alston Antony to do a Webinar on how to deploy CloudPages on AWS which was followed by a QA session. Everyone with doubts/confusion regarding how to use CloudPages must watch this Webinar.

Alston Antony is a Digital Entrepreneur, and he also manages a huge SaaS community on Facebook. You can also check Alston’s Youtube Channel.

In this video, we are going to have a demo on CloudPages tutorial with Usman Nasir & Shoaib Khan Khattak.

We will learn what is CloudPages, how to create a server in AWS, set up a server in CloudPages, Installing SSL, Installing WordPress, Creating a staging site, and more.


00:00 Introduction to event

01:12 Introduction from founders

02:25 What is CloudPages?

03:40 CloudPages is not hosting service

04:13 CloudPages competitors

04:56 Founders Background & Experience

07:35 CloudPages Demo

08:29 Creating server in AWS

10:55 Can we upgrade the server at a later stage?

11:13 Does it support Lightsail?

15:48 How does server creation works for other providers?

16:30 Connecting and making the server ready

18:18 Projects in CloudPages: how to create & why it’s needed?

20:26 Deploy a Server in CloudPages

23:58 Installing CloudPages agent on your server

25:36 CloudPages server dashboard

25:27 Installing WordPress or PHP based application

32:32 How to Install SSL on CloudPages

33:28 WordPress website manager dashboard

33:41 LSCache, Debugging, Search Engine Indexing & Maintenance Mode

36:44 Website File Manager

37:31 WordPress plugins

37:46 WordPress themes

37:54 Create WP staging website

38:40 CloudPages Questions

38:44 Is there any automatic backup option for websites 39:14 What is the security and firewall in CloudPages?

40:01 CloudPages roadmap

41:39 Can we use CloudPages in shared VPS?

42:21 Does CloudPages support only WordPress?

43:31 CloudPages WordPress one-click installer

44:02 Is there an option for multi-site using subdomains?

44:38 How to point a domain name to WP in CloudPages?

45:54 Is there a way to access PHPMyAdmin?

46:13 Do we need to create DB separately when installing WP?

47:23 Does CloudPages create swap memory automatically upon deployment, or do we have to create it with CLI?

48:23 Can we install Nginx and Apache in CloudPages?

48:38 What is the resource consumption of the CloudPages panel?

49:12 How to migrate websites to CloudPages from another hosting?

49:50 Can we safely host production servers on CloudPages? is it the Demo stage?

50:16 Mod Security and WP site issues

51:48 What’s your current status on security? Do you follow OWASP rules, ModSec rules, or status on basic WP hardening?

52:25 Does CloudPages support Oxygen Builder?

55:36 Any natively integrated on WAF? Any antivirus solutions like ClamAV or Immunify 360?

56:57 Why does Oxygen builder require additional modifications?

57:59 Does CloudPages have GitHub integration?

58:15 Is it compatible with WP rocket? And Do you support Redis cache?

59:03 Is ModSecurity is only available on the agency plan?

59:13 Any restrictions in CloudPages similar to CyberPanel on RAM or CronJobs?

01:00:29 OpenLiteSpeed vs. LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise?

01:02:36 How to get static IP from AWS or Lightsail?

01:03:51 Is there a Cron Job manager inside CloudPages?

01:04:05 Are we allowed to install unlimited servers?

01:05:03 How to purchase an agency plan?

01:06:10 How much does the support cost after 1st year?

01:06:56 Are you providing CDN?

01:07:09 Quick.Cloud vs. Cloudflare

01:08:11 Does CloudPages install a load balancer upon deployment?

01:09:02 What is the best setup for CloudPages?

01:11:24 What is the bandwidth limit for websites?

01:12:08 Is there an option to create cloud clusters?

01:13:10 CloudPages support and team size?

01:14:01 How does maintenance mode work in CloudPages?

01:14:47 Does CloudPages support vertical scaling?

01:15:23 Conclusion

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