CloudPages Join hands with FluentSMTP

Hey! We are excited to announce that CloudPages is partnering up with FluentSMTP. This partnership will ultimately be beneficial for more people who will be able to enjoy CloudPages and FluentSMTP all in one go.

What is FluentSMTP?

FluentSMTP is a definitive WP SMTP Plugin which interfaces your Email Service Provider and it guarantees that your messages are conveyed effectively.

FluentSMTP sends your WordPress emails safely and quickly. FluentSMTP associates WordPress mail with the client’s Email Service Provider. These integrations are local which brings about emails being sent super-quick.

What is in it for our customers?

Since FluentSMTP is an open-source plugin with many amazing features, it is a must-have tool for every WordPress user and it is also completely free, we, at CloudPages, thought it was best for our customers to have every possible best feature in their WordPress site.

With this partnership, more and more users will benefit. And FluentSMTP users will know about and be able to use CloudPages to deploy lightning-fast WordPress sites. Both FluentSMTP and CloudPages are working day and night to give our users the very best experience of WordPress.

Looking forward!

With this partnership, CloudPages is moving forward in the field of an all-round cloud services which our users will enjoy. We are hoping for more companies to join hands to help us be a one-stop-solution for our users’ WordPress needs.

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